Work packages

The project benefits from European Union and United Kingdom Research and Innovation funding and respects the required methodology by dividing the achievement of its different objectives into several work packages.

Work package 1

Smart technologies for smart buildings: Digitisation, IoT and Indoor Environment Quality

Improve the research competence of KTU in the field of smart and carbon neutral built environment with digital twins, applied to sustainable building engineering projects


  • Scientific report on smart building whole life digitised assessment
  • Scientific report on the indoor environmental quality assessment with the use of smart sensors
  • Scientific report on IoT and digital twins in smart buildings
  • Scientific report on the energy assessment of buildings in BIM environment

Work package 2

Research competence building. Research management and administration capacity building

Strengthen the capacities of KTU to apply for competitive research funding and manage and administrate the funded projects


  • Staff exchanges
  • Scientific conference
  • Scientific workshops

Work package 3

Linkages with businesses, citizen engagement and policy making

Create linkages with businesses and provide access to the methodology to support open innovation


  • Deliverables:
  • Citizen events
  • Brokerage events
  • Policy report

Work package 4

Enhancing and enriching the educational activities of KTU

Train and educate KTU researchers and students on the topic of next generation digital twins, applied for allowing the transition to a smart, sustainable, resilient and carbon neutral built environment


  • Training sessions and summer schools

Work package 5

Dissemination, exploitation and communication

Implement the dissemination, exploitation, and communication (DEC) actions of the project


  • DEC plan
  • Website project

Work package 6

Project management

Coordinate the consortium and report the results

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